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  Fire Safety Code General Information

Fire Safety Public Education



NFPA 3000 - Active Shooter / Hostile Environment Response (ASHER) Fact Sheet - click here


The Quonset hut was developed in 1941 at the Davisville Naval Construction Battalion (Seabee) Center located at Quonset Point, RI.

The halligan bar was developed in 1948 by FDNY First Deputy Chief Hugh Halligan and first utilized extensively by the Boston, MA fire department.

The fire hydrant was originally called a fireplug and was manually inserted into an underground wooden water main when needed.

Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) Directory

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Key Dates in Fire Disaster History

Learn more here about major loss-of-life fires in the United States.

FYI: Fire Prevention Week is held in October of each year during the week that the 9th falls as a commemorative recognition or the Great Chicago Fire of 1871.

Variances & Appeals

EFFECTIVE January 1, 2024:  The Board has converted to a totally digital on-line appeal application and payment process --  in-person and mail-in applications will no longer be accepted.

This new process can be used to file any appeal, including:

  • Notices of Violation / Inspection Reports
  • Plan Review Denials and/or Rejections
  • Abatement Proceedings Reviews
  • License/Permit Disciplinary Actions Taken by the OSFM
  • Municipal Ordinance Approvals
  • Requests for Product, Process or System Equivalency
  • Any Other Miscellaneous Relief Requested from the Board


Helpful information on how to file an appeal can be found here.

Proposed Regulatory Rulemaking

The Board is currently reviewing the following codes for adoption as part of the State Fire Safety Code:

  • NFPA 1, Fire Code, 2021 edition
  • NFPA 72, National Fire Alarm and Signaling Code, 2022 edition
  • NFPA 101, Life Safety Code, 2021 edition


Important dates, comment periods and other relevant information may be accessed here.

RI State Fire Marshals Office

Addition information and resources regarding fire safety issues in Rhode Island can be found on the RI State Fire Marshals Office website or by telephone at 401-889-5555.

Information regarding the inspection process for various occupancy types can be viewed here.


Safety Tips


ARSON TIPLINE: 401-383-7723

Rhode Island Fire Laws and Rules Annotated

A printed version of the current Rhode Island Fire Laws and Rules Annotated can be purchased from LexisNexis online here or by telephone at 877-461-8801. This publication contains all fire-related Rhode Island statutes, a copy of all rules & regulations, a complete copy of the Rehabilitation Building and Fire Code for Existing Buildings and Structures and current Blanket Variances & Formal Interpretations.

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Rhode Island State Fire Academy - Exeter, RI

Operated by the Office of the State Fire Marshal, among the many missions and services provided by the Fire Academy is the training and certification of fire marshals throughout the state in the development, application and enforcement of the State Fire Safety Code.